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Lets be honest – the dental clinic isn’t everyone’s favourite place. Whether you are suffering from dental phobia or if you are worried about being judged, we are here for you! We have a number of options that may help, although its best to speak to one of our team to discuss whats right for you

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We are well known for having one of the friendliest teams. Our dentists are super friendly and our dental nurses and receptionists always practice empathy and compassion. Most of the staff are locals and love having a chat to put you at ease.

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Happy Gas

Nitrous Oxide (or happy gas) is a great way to reduce your anxiety when undergoing dental procedures. We perform nitrous oxide predominantly on children to help them get through dental treatment without the need for general anaesthetic. Recovery is very quick and its a great option for children and can be used in adults in some cases.

Oral Anxiolytics

For patients suffering from anxiety we can sometimes prescribe oral anxiolytics (such as benzodiazepines), in a procedure termed óral sedation.  Normally your dentist after careful review of your medical history will prescribe you anxiolytics one hour before your appointment.  This allows you to relax more during the procedure although you still will be awake and conscious.  Side effects including drowsiness means you must have someone with you and you cannot drive home.

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Sleep dentistry

IV sedation, also known as sleep dentistry, involves a medical anaesthetist placing you into a dream like state for your procedure.  This is different to general anaesthesisa as you will still technically be awake, but you wont be fully aware of your surroundings and often you wont remember anything after the procedure is completed.   We work only with qualified medically trained anaesthetists to ensure you are in safe hands.

General Anaesthesia

For some patients general anesthesia is the best option and is often used for extensive surgical procedures.  General anesthesia is performed in hospitals or day centres where you are essentially ‘put to sleep’.  Our clinics do have access to a day surgery or we may refer you to another specialist clinician who can carry out your procedure in a hospital environment.

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We are more than happy to answer any questions you have – simply give us a call to talk to one of our friendly staff or book in for a comprehensive consultation. As one of the largest groups in Melbourne with extensive experience, we are here to help you achieve your perfect smile

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Experience the highest quality dental treatment and care.
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