Dentist in Clyde North

Your search for a dentist (Clyde North local, if that’s an important consideration to you) will be over once you discover Cranbourne Family Dental Services.

Caring about your teeth does not just mean achieving that perfect smile but greatly affects your overall health. That is why our dental clinic is committed to caring about our patients’ overall wellbeing – not just their dental health.

We pride ourselves in offering a very wide range of family dental services, such as dental check ups and x-rays, oral hygiene appointments, wisdom teeth removal – the list goes on. And yes – we also have specialised children’s dentists.

While preventative dental care is important, you might need some restorative dental work done as well. At Cranbourne Family Dental Services, we are happy to help you out with fillings, crowns, bridges, or implants.
What Types of Fillings Do You Offer?

We offer various types of fillings. Most patients today are used to fillings made of composite resin as they are great for cosmetic purposes, perfectly matching the natural colour of your teeth. However, there are more options available – like amalgam fillings that are extremely long-lasting, or ceramic ones that are both quite durable and aesthetically pleasing.

What About Dental Emergencies?

Of course, we attend to these, too! You can come to us with confidence for urgent tooth extractions – or for any other kind of dental emergency you or your family member might have.

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