Sleep Apnoea and Snoring

What is
Sleep Apnoea?

If you’re suffering from fatigue or ongoing chronic energy issues, sleep apnoea may be the culprit. With more than 70% of the world’s snorers diagnosed with this condition, our dental team have been treating concerns relating to this matter for a number of years.

This condition occurs when the soft tissues within your throat and tongue collapse, creating a blockage that minimises airflow to your lungs. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe, with the airways tightening over time.

Eventually, the brain triggers an ‘arousal’ that’s designed to wake you up, encouraging you to reposition the way your jaw and tongue sit to open up the airways. If you’ve ever woken up with a snort or gasp, it’s likely you were experiencing one of these instances.

From there, you typically start the whole process over, repeating it as a cycle; it can even occur hundreds of times during the night – something that’s hugely disruptive to your ability to rest.

Causes of sleep apnoea

This condition can affect anyone at any age, but there are a few defining factors that contribute to its onset. These include:
  • Being categorised as overweight
  • Male
  • Over the age of 40
  • Larger neck size (typically 17 inches and over in men; 16 inches and over in women)
  • Jaw and oral problems – such as smaller jawbones, large tonsil or tongue
  • Family history of the condition
  • Nasal obstructions or blockages – i.e. deviated septum.

What treatment do we offer?

Once you have completed a sleep study with a diagnosis from a medical sleep physician, there are usually multiple treatment options available for you.  This may include surgery, weight reduction or CPAP machines.

However for mild to moderate sleep apnoea diagnoses we are able to offer a comfortable, non-surgical option that allows you to reduce your snoring and drowsiness symptoms.  A mandibular advancement splint (MAS) is worn in your mouth and works by pushing your lower jaw and tongue forward, opening your airway and allowing air to circulate.  Made from nylon, the oral appliances are thin and well tolerated and allows you to go back to sleeping in the same room as your partner.  Like all treatments there are risks and these are best discussed with your dentist to ensure it’s the right option for you.

How sleep apnoea treatment works

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The process



In this initial appointment your dentist will conduct a comprehensive assessment. If you have had a sleep study we will review its finding and if you haven’t we will refer you to have one conducted.


Taking Records

The next step involves us taking appropriate records to construct your mandibular advancement splint. This includes a 3D intraoral scan and a registration of your bite.


Your sleep appliance is ready!

Your oral appliance is here! We’ll make sure its looking 100% and we’ll give you careful instructions to look after your device and also exercises to reduce any side effects.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultations are required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Why choose us?

Our primary practitioner in this field is Dr Jeevan Sivalingam, who has a special interest in dental sleep medicine and is currently completing his postgraduate studies at the University of Western Australia. Additionally, Dr Jeevan Sivalingam has completed a mini-residency with EODO, and undergone training at the Dental Sleep Institute.

Having worked with patients suffering from this condition for many years, we know exactly what it takes to get you back up and breathing with ease, delivering you peaceful nights’ rest for the long term.

What is the cost of a mandibular advancement splint?

The cost of an oral appliance is similar to a CPAP machine although it is generally accepted to be far more comfortable.  The cost of the nylon mandibular advancement splint, including your reviews is $2150.  We also offer payment plans to help starting from $41 a week over 12 months.

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